Weather Tight Doors

Weather tight doors designed by Railway Specialties come in a variety of different sizes, which is just one of the reasons that make this company the leading manufacturer for marine engineers and naval architects. The weather tight quick acting doors we manufacture meet the requests of our valued customers, and there is never a challenge that is too large for the company to overcome.

Where weather conditions typically don’t require heavy-duty, high-quality watertight doors, like on rivers or protected harbors, weather tight doors from Railway Specialties are sufficient in getting the job done. In fact, our products are so dependable that we have been in business for more than 100 years and are the trusted manufacturer and distributor of watertight products for the United States Navy and many other large naval and marine engineers.

Weather Tight Quick Acting Doors  

When you are looking to order weather tight doors, you require a manufacturer that not only uses the highest quality materials but also offers fast delivery on custom orders. Here at Railway Specialties we do just that. Weather tight quick acting doors are just one in a long line of specialty products we manufacture. Continue browsing our website to check out the various types of specialty products that you can order or contact our offices to learn more about which product meets your requirements.

Our weather tight doors can be found above a ship’s water lines and are meant to seal a specific compartment from flooding during bad weather. However, we also manufacture products such as a watertight hatch, which can be found below a ship’s water line. You can also inquire about our manholes and cargo doors.    

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