Specialty Items From Railway Specialties: Cargo Doors

When engineers are searching for a company that offers superior transportation-related metal fabrications, Railway Specialties Corporation is the company they turn to. We have established ourselves as the go-to for all things regarding watertight door and specialty item manufacturing. Our dependable and professionally crafted doors, like the specialty cargo doors, are made using the best materials on the market.

Before Railway Specialties arrived in Croydon, Pennsylvania, manufacturing the highest-quality cargo doors available, our company started up in 1915 as the middle-man for manufacturers dealing with the New York City Transit Authority during the creation of the subway system. With our history of over 100 years in business, we have continuously worked to solidify our position as the longest-running watertight and cargo doors manufacturer in operation.  

Cargo doors from Railway Specialties are what we consider specialty items and require you to fill out contact form before any action can be taken on your order. Just fill in your first and last name, email, phone number and notes you may have and our office will get back to you about the specifications of your order.  

Trusted Cargo Doors And Specialty Items Manufacturer

What has helped our company stay ahead of competitors, and earn the distinction as one of the most trusted cargo doors and specialty item manufacturers around, is our commitment to using high-quality materials. For every product that we produce, from watertight hatches which can be found on naval ships to manholes and manhole covers, you can rest assured that the manufacturing work from Railway Specialties will last for years to come.  

We encourage you to take time and browse the rest of our websites to find more about the different types of metal fabrications we provide. You’ll be amazed out how many various styles of weather tight doors our skilled craftsmen can create. Contact us today for further information regarding cargo doors and other specialty items.    

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