Fume Tight Doors

The most reliable and dependable fume tight doors manufactured today are crafted by the professionals from Railway Specialties located just outside of Philadelphia in Croydon, PA. We provide the opportunity for customers to place orders on the fume tight doors which are necessary for fleet readiness.

Our company has a unique history as it first started in 1915 being the middle-man for manufacturers who made parts to create the New York City subway system. We have continued to remain successful in the industry of transportation-related metal products and are now the longest-operating watertight door manufacturer around.      

At Railway Specialties, we have been in business for over 100 years which means we have made it through both World Wars, the Great Depression, and several other obstacles along the way. When other businesses had to close their doors, our company weathered the storms proving that the products we manufacture are built to last.

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Dependable Doors from Railway Specialties

Making sure we go above and beyond to meet the intended design of our customer’s request is essential for us. This is why we take the time to speak with each of our clients individually, gathering a better understanding of their fume tight door requirements. With the best material at our disposal, you can rest assured that the fume tight doors you order will be crafted to the highest standards.   

In fact, whether you are ordering weather tight doors, watertight hatches or manholes for a naval fleet, Railway Specialties follows the same techniques to ensure that all of our products are fleet-ready.   

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