Dependable Watertight Scuttles

Are you searching the web for a reliable manufacturer of watertight scuttles? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that Railway Specialties Corporation provides a variety of water tight scuttles, from raised scuttles to flush scuttle doors. You’ll find that our scuttle doors are manufactured to your specific modification, making it the perfect product for various types of marine vessels.

Our company has been in business for over 100 years, and with the combination of superior customer service and craftsmanship, we have lead the way as one of the most trusted and longest-running manufacturers of watertight scuttles and other watertight products in the United States.

Starting up from humble beginnings in 1915, Jacob Ebling founded Railway Specialties to serve as the liaison between New York City’s transit authority and manufacturers who made parts for the city subway system. During World War I business would be interrupted, yet Railway Specialties would go on to survive two World Wars and the Great Depression.

During World War II and the post-war era, Railway Specialties began manufacturing watertight doors and other types of watertight products which now has become their primary business. To order these products like raised or flush scuttles contact us today.  

High-Quality Water tight Scuttles

Watertight scuttles are small openings or hatchways that are found on the deck of a ship and usually large enough to admit one person. This type of watertight product will be primarily on naval, coast guard, or sometimes on commercial marine vessels. At Railway Specialties, our scuttle doors are fabricated mostly using steel materials, but can also be manufactured out of aluminum and stainless steel materials.    

As you browse this product page dedicated to high-quality water tight scuttles, you can easily choose the raised watertight quick acting scuttle 3 dog or another type of scuttle that meets your vessel requirements. In need of other watertight manufactured products? Railway Specialties also makes watertight manhole covers, water tight hatches, cargo doors and weather tight doors. Contact us today.

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