Watertight Manhole Covers

The highest quality watertight manhole covers on the market are manufactured by the craftsman at Railway Specialties Corporation. This family-owned company has been in business for 100 years and is never afraid of a new challenge or hurdle when it comes to creating manholes or countless other watertight products.

A manhole is a small covered opening in the floor that is designed to allow a person to enter through. You’ll find located throughout many marine vessels there are manholes and watertight manhole covers. Railway Specialties has long been the trusted manufacturer of watertight doors for the United States Navy, and our manhole covers are manufactured no differently.

You can expect the highest quality materials to be used on any watertight manhole covers we make along with all of our other products. To learn about modifications, pressure specifications and much more contact us today.  

Leading Watertight Manhole Cover Manufacturer

As manufacturers of watertight products for longer than anybody else, we stay ahead of the competition by being unafraid to design even the most difficult styles of manholes or doors. In fact, we provide a variety of manhole designs, from raised bolted plate, to flush deck manhole covers and flush bolted plate manhole covers. Manholes and manhole covers aren’t the only things Railways Specialties produces. Customers seek out Railways Specialites to have our team manufacture products like a watertight hatch, or design the weather tight doors or cargo doors used on marine vessels.

When you contact Railway Specialties Corporation, you can expect to deal with a company that knows what they are talking about and can back it up with years of experience when it comes to manufacturing watertight products. To ensure the optimal safety of a those aboard a marine vessel choose Railway Specialties for your watertight manhole covers. Call us today learn more.


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