Air Tight Quick Acting Doors

The best company to order air tight quick acting doors from is Railway Specialties Corporation located in Croydon, PA,  just minutes from Philadelphia. We offer and manufacture a variety of air tight individual (ATI) and air tight quick acting (ATQA) doors along with our always dependable watertight doors.    

With a company history that dates back to 1915, we have grown from a middle-man that managed affairs between the New York City Transit Authority and parts manufacturers, to the leading provider of air tight quick acting doors and other transportation-related metal products.

Railways Specialties has made it through both World War I and II, even surviving the Great Depression. Now, we proudly provide watertight doors that are found on countless U.S. Naval ships and other vessels. However, our manufacturing expertise can be applied across multiple different industries. Just some of the industries we provide our products to include the aircraft industry, marine industry, military industry and much more.

ATI and ATQA Doors From Railway Specialties Corporation

At Railway Specialties Corporation, we have taken it upon ourselves to go above and beyond for our customers. That starts with not just world-class craftsmanship but also superior customer service. We understand that in today’s world of business and engineering, things move fast; this is why we take the time to provide insight on all of our air tight individual and quick acting doors, and only use the best materials around so you don’t have to deal with repairs.   

The same processes we apply to manufacture doors which protect and seal against elements in the air,  are the same we use to metal fabrications such as manholes, weather tight doors, and even watertight hatches.

Have questions regarding any of the metal fabrications we create? Our friendly office staff is one phone call away and will happily assist in getting your question answers. Contact us today.

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